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Did people recognize they were moving into something bad?

I look around at the world today and it honestly makes me wonder if people realized what direction the world was moving just before it did during those horrific times in history such as Nazi Germany, The Inquisitions, the Crusades, etc. Surely some people would have recognized that things were on the verge of changing for the worse. One can only imagine how someone during the Salem witch trials would view their small community changing overnight from something safe and comforting into something confusing and wrong.

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“Trump”ed Charges of Quitting

What’s with Trump and Apprentice anymore? The guy is really turning into a prick. This season has been filled with allot of lame humiliation stunts and when one of the players wises up and realizes that she’s not doing what she signed up for Trump goes on the assault and calls her a quitter as if she’s a loser or a failure. Continue reading

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