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Preconceived belief – the only way Prayer works

As I am examining WordPress’s “Latest Posts” section I note an interesting blog entry entitled “Does Prayer Really Work?”. Interested, I followed the link and read the article. Apparently a woman suffered a stroke with partial paralysis and her husband (as well as her friends and church members) began a campaign of prayer to beg the All Mighty to heal her of her sickness. The husband then asks the question “Does Prayer Really Work?” and describes how his wife’s recovery progressed dramatically and immediately declares that “Yes! PRAYER REALLY WORKS!”

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Religion claims to require ‘Faith’ – but does it really?

“You have to have faith” is the rallying cry of any believer you talk to once you’ve decimated their arguments with science, proof, and rational thought. It’s their last line of defense. “God cannot be proven or dis-proven – he requires Faith!” Perhaps ‘a god’ or the possibility of ‘a god or gods’ cannot, at this time, be proven, but there is ample evidence disproving the current versions of god going around (god, allah, Ra, etc). But who needs evidence when one has faith right?

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Religion advocates ignorance

While watching television today I experienced a commercial for religion that makes me wonder if people of religion are really that stupid or really that blind.

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You can tell I’m a blog Newbie

Ok, this is silly. I just realized that I think I have to allow someone to comment. I’ve noticed that a few dozen people have read the site, but no one was commenting. Was a bit disappointed until I realized that I was suppose to be checking ‘spam comments’ to see if they were spam or real before allowing them to post. I have to tack this down to being a newbie blogger. My lister shows 6 people have commented, but only 1 remains as they get deleted after 15 days 😦

I’ll be keeping a closer eye on comments now. Sorry to all those I missed.

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Did people recognize they were moving into something bad?

I look around at the world today and it honestly makes me wonder if people realized what direction the world was moving just before it did during those horrific times in history such as Nazi Germany, The Inquisitions, the Crusades, etc. Surely some people would have recognized that things were on the verge of changing for the worse. One can only imagine how someone during the Salem witch trials would view their small community changing overnight from something safe and comforting into something confusing and wrong.

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Are people really so stupid?

Ever hear of the Nigerian scam? Or Nigerian 419? Perhaps you’ve received one of these in your email :

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Embracing Ignorance

The other day I was treated to one of those inane chain emails that people send out that include an attachment you must open to find several layers of nested forward emails within it. By the time I got down to the actual email body I’d opened about 3 nested forwards – each layer heavily checked by my virus scanners, of course. Eventually I made it down to the nugget of knowledge being passed on entitled ‘“The definition of Rotten” Personified‘. Continue reading

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