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Newspaper Frustrations

Our local paper has an online version that recently updated to include commenting on their various stories. I was very happy to see this added into the paper and looked forward to expressing my opinion on many topics. The level of ignorance that runs rampant today is truly sad and I was excited to be able to provide some actual truth and facts to people on various topics, as well as find some answers and information to subjects I didn’t know.

Unfortunately the paper has made some bad decisions. The first is that they are allowing anonymous responders. This simply begs idiots to post who have nothing better to do but slander, insult, and troll. As a result of this any time a comment is entered that is offensive, rather than just delete that one comment the entire article is shut down and all comments are deleted. What a shortsighted answer to a simple problem.

The best solution would be to implement a membership login feature where only people who have created accounts could post. Someone posts too many ignorant statements and ignores warnings would just be banned. It really is frustrating that there are so many immature people in the world who’s idea of discussion is calling other people names.

That the paper would let the acts of a few ruin the interest and involvement of the many is even more disappointing.


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Texas Hold’em

Last night a friend of ours had a graduation party and hosted a Texas Hold’em tournament. We had 16 players at 2 tables with 12 minute blinds. 4 Places were payed with the payout being $80, $50, $20, and $10. I had a very good night and even managed to land a Royal Flush! Ironically the Royal Flush only netted me about 200 in chips while later an off-suit 7-2 on the big blind netted me about 1500 and eliminated 3 players when a 2 2 K flopped. The cards kept falling my way and by the time we combined everyone into a final table with only 8 left I had single handedly eliminated all but 1 person. No one wanted to merge to my table, which had now been termed, “The Table of Death”. But then the question of ‘poker ‘etiquette’ came up.

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M.U.N.C.H. now Available to play

ScreenshotIf you’re looking for a quick and easy game then give M.U.N.C.H. a try. I just completed it and wanted to make it available to everyone. It’s very compact (less then 500k download, single 1.3 Meg file when uncompressed) and easy to install (simply unrar it into any directory) and easy to run (just double click on the exe file “Munch”. The object of the game is to consume anything smaller than you. As you consume more stuff you grow bigger, allowing you to consume bigger enemies. As your levels progress the enemies become more challenging.

Not much bells and whistles in this game, it was written as simple as possible. It does have an option for sound, but to save on bandwidth I left out the sound files. It uses simple .wav files and if you would like to add sound to the game then simply look at the Sound option in the game and it will list the files that are needed and what sounds they are for. Simply find a wav file that sounds like a “slurp” and then give it the exact names as described and place them in the same directory as the exe. You can even put your favorite theme wav in to play in the games background. The game graphics are very basic, but this is a fun and addictive game written for speed and enjoyment. Please comment if you try the game and let me know what you think. The only file this program creates is a 1k ‘munch.dat’ file that stores game settings and player highscores which is kept in the same directory as the exe. If you enjoy this game then let me know and I will present other game projects that I’ve done and/or been involved with. This game is freeware. The download link is M.U.N.C.H (

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“Trump”ed Charges of Quitting

What’s with Trump and Apprentice anymore? The guy is really turning into a prick. This season has been filled with allot of lame humiliation stunts and when one of the players wises up and realizes that she’s not doing what she signed up for Trump goes on the assault and calls her a quitter as if she’s a loser or a failure. Continue reading

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