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If you believe in Prayer then lets make a wager

Today in our local paper a reader’s viewpoint appeared that literally makes me ill. It was entitled “Prayer makes a difference when it comes to cancer“. The only intelligent thing about this article was that it was limited to two paragraphs.

I simply want to cry at the widespread ignorance of people like this. Sadly the comment feature has been turned off of this article, or perhaps luckily because I’m sure that any comments pointing out the stupidity of these words would be met with the slack jawed comments of the mindless believers. You see, the paper recently instituted the ability to comment on some articles in their online version but choose to turn that feature off of any article that might stir up too much emotion. Then, of course, whenever some idiot posts offensive and personal slander the whole comment section for a particular story is taken down. So I have to come here to be able to vent.

I have a wager. Let’s set up some situation where a person can depend on prayer to save them or they can depend on themselves or the efforts of others to save them. How about we each get in a car, mine has air bags and a seat belt, a technology developed by humans to save lives, and the believer gets a car with no protection other than prayer. Drive both cars into a wall at 30 mph. I wonder who will be more likely to walk away. Continue reading


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Newspaper Frustrations

Our local paper has an online version that recently updated to include commenting on their various stories. I was very happy to see this added into the paper and looked forward to expressing my opinion on many topics. The level of ignorance that runs rampant today is truly sad and I was excited to be able to provide some actual truth and facts to people on various topics, as well as find some answers and information to subjects I didn’t know.

Unfortunately the paper has made some bad decisions. The first is that they are allowing anonymous responders. This simply begs idiots to post who have nothing better to do but slander, insult, and troll. As a result of this any time a comment is entered that is offensive, rather than just delete that one comment the entire article is shut down and all comments are deleted. What a shortsighted answer to a simple problem.

The best solution would be to implement a membership login feature where only people who have created accounts could post. Someone posts too many ignorant statements and ignores warnings would just be banned. It really is frustrating that there are so many immature people in the world who’s idea of discussion is calling other people names.

That the paper would let the acts of a few ruin the interest and involvement of the many is even more disappointing.

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