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So my wife relates a story to me while she had gone grocery shopping that involved my eldest daughter. As my wife was waiting for a clerk to get her some products another nearby asked my daughter if she had the day off school. Both my kids attend school at home through Treca Digital Academy. Suffice it to say its a school in every sense of the word, but the classes are taken at home on computers supplied by them. My daughter explained that she attended Treca and didn’t go to a brick and mortar school like most kids. The clerk suggested that she must be very smart with computers then.

Our daughter has had her hands on computers since the age of 6 months when I used to hold her on my lap and she played with a hide and seek program that would pause until she pressed any key on the computer. You can imagine my wife’s surprise when she responded that no, she wasn’t very good with computers. Eldest daughter is often found googling subjects that interest or concern her and my youngest quite competently installs programs to play.

After the slightest missed beat she came back with “It’s those darn firewalls! I just can’t seem to get around them.”

Ok, ok. Just to put this into perspective. Each of the girls have their own computer to work on from Treca. My youngest daughter can access some educational sites that the other cannot on her computer and it drives her nuts when my youngest finds a particularly interesting site or one with fun games. So her idea of “hacking” is simply trying to get her computer to accept the same sites her sister gets.

The entertainment value of two daughters is priceless šŸ™‚


March 26, 2008 - Posted by | Discussion

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  1. You sound like you are doing a great job with your girls my grandchildren love the PC ,ages 2,5,8 a lot cleverer than myself,hope you dont mind me coming to read your page its very interesting,Wiganfootie ” Sue “

    Comment by Anonymous | August 27, 2009 | Reply

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