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The best way to solve our current educational crisis? Ban Bad Hair

Banned Bryan Ruda

Bryan Ruda, 6 years old, in a Parma Ohio school found himself banned after attending school with a Mohawk haircut. It really makes one wonder at what priorities schools are focusing on. In my own area the schools are struggling to maintain the same level of income they have enjoyed for decades but is no longer attainable because of our local economy. Schools are really in a mess right now, and this is just one more example of how our educational system is focusing on the wrong things. This is indicative of the “No Tolerance” guidelines commonly used, which really translates to “No Thinking”. Students are being suspended, banned, or punished for ridiculous crimes such as pointing a finger and saying bang, taking aspirin or handing out candy and being accused of drug violations, or even writing stories that describe violence.

I would never have made it through school with these kinds of disciplinary punishments in place in the 70’s and 80’s. In fact, the haircut that Bryan is sporting was quite common at our school, only we called it a rattail or a flattop.

Each voting cycle we go through another round of voting for levies to support out schools. Ohio has already deemed that using levies to pay for schools is unconstitutional yet it continues to happen. The schools maintain that they are stretched thin and cannot endure without making huge cuts in both employee positions and school activities. We currently use a “Pay to Play” policy in order to continue local sports and other activities. But I find these kinds of cuts more as a punishment to society when it does not vote in the levies. School sports, busing, teacher firing – these are all targets of schools that are in the midst of “financial crisis”. While I agree that these are areas that should be cut back on, the manner in which they are handled is akin to extortion.

The big threat is that Columbus will step in and take control of the schools. I’m wondering why that is such a threat? Columbus is where the laws on education come from and they will provide a state sanctioned education. The children will learn the required knowledge.

With state controlled education we will see our local education get the work over it needs. Most people, including me, just think that schools are like any other bureaucracy that receives funding; they spend all they get and still ask for more because thats just the way its done. If they ever returned any funding then they would get earmarked for not needing it and would receive less. I think at this point they just don’t know how to manage their money. In better economical times they’ve gotten more and more and don’t know how to lose the extravagances they acquired. Putting control of our schools in the hands of Columbus will cut them to the bone and force school administrators to start fresh.

I’m tired of hearing the “we need money” rote every election time and then finding self given pay raises, new carpet, wall painting, grass seeding, parking lot creating expenses that invariably follow such levy passes.

Let’s get real here. The problem with our educational systems are the poor policies such as “No child left behind”, “Zero Tolerance” mentality, and irresponsible spending. Not hair cuts.


February 27, 2008 - Posted by | Discussion

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