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The best way to solve our current educational crisis? Ban Bad Hair

Banned Bryan Ruda

Bryan Ruda, 6 years old, in a Parma Ohio school found himself banned after attending school with a Mohawk haircut. It really makes one wonder at what priorities schools are focusing on. In my own area the schools are struggling to maintain the same level of income they have enjoyed for decades but is no longer attainable because of our local economy. Schools are really in a mess right now, and this is just one more example of how our educational system is focusing on the wrong things. This is indicative of the “No Tolerance” guidelines commonly used, which really translates to “No Thinking”. Students are being suspended, banned, or punished for ridiculous crimes such as pointing a finger and saying bang, taking aspirin or handing out candy and being accused of drug violations, or even writing stories that describe violence.

I would never have made it through school with these kinds of disciplinary punishments in place in the 70’s and 80’s. In fact, the haircut that Bryan is sporting was quite common at our school, only we called it a rattail or a flattop.

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The clubhouse has taken a hit!

If you read about my time spent building my daughter’s clubhouse last spring you’ll know that I was pretty proud of that bit of work. They loved it and my eldest even started a “Clubhouse Kids” and invited many friends to come over on Tuesdays and Fridays. They would play out in the clubhouse and do various crafts and hobbies such as finger painting, scrap-booking, and various science activities like studying bugs or examining plants and leaves. All in all it was a great success (although both girls are still pushing for a second story observation deck and/or taking over the shed as a new clubhouse which is about twice as big!)

So you can imagine my disappointment this winter to come home after a particularly rough storm to find a limb about 8 inches across and 4 feet long sticking straight down through the roof! Thankfully it did not puncture through the dry wall ceiling inside, but it did rip through the shingles and the plywood roof. I stretched a tarp over it until I could get at it when the weather warmed a bit, but I think the clubhouse was only a prelude to more damage to come. My gutters are taking a beating!

But that is a story for another time when I break out the ladders and supplies to fix things this spring.

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Guess I really should take more time here

Guess I should spend at least a little more time updating my blogs. My poor wife hears all my thoughts and keeps telling me “Your preaching to the choir” so to spare her from my rants I’ll make more effort to post here.

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