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Religion advocates ignorance

While watching television today I experienced a commercial for religion that makes me wonder if people of religion are really that stupid or really that blind.

So the commercial showed a guy flipping a wall switch up and down and seeing the light on the ceiling go on and off in tandem with it. It’s obvious he is trying to figure out how the system works and even attempts to “fool” it by flipping the light switch on and off very quickly. Of course that just makes the light flicker on and off in conjunction with the switch. Apparently baffled the man gets a sledge hammer and begins to rip out the wall to see how it is that the switch makes the light go on and off. Soon he is standing there with a ripped out wall and wiring in hand as he pulls more of it out of the wall and notes the direction it is going (up) and he starts to see where it will lead (to the light). At this point his friend, or roommate, walks through the door and wildly asked “What the hell are you doing?!”

At this point a voice over comes on and says something like “Sometimes you simply have to have faith” and the logo of some local church appears. The essence of this commercial suggests that people that ask questions and that try to learn the truth are really only disrupting the lives of those around them and are looking stupid doing it. They are suggesting that “the answers are obvious” and only are real idiot would rip out the walls of their house simply to figure out how a light works.

In other words, the advertisement is advocating ignorance over knowledge. Don’t Ask, just believe.

Wow. Just wow.

So, are believers really that stupid to miss this message? Don’t think, just believe. Can they not see that? I cannot say all believers are stupid because, frankly, there really are some smart guys that fall for religion. Is it that they are just blind? They don’t want to see it? I question myself often because I’m certainly no genius, but I do have a decent mind. But religion and god does not add up. I cannot say, for certain, that there is no god, but I do know, for a fact, that the bible of the christian god is not divinely inspired and was most certainly written by bronze age superstitious men. This can be said for any ‘holy book’ of any god that I’ve examined. Any god being worshipped today is no more real than any god worshipped in the past that are no longer widely accepted as real (Zeus, Ra, etc). They are all simply concoctions from the minds of men (and some women). I like to say that believers and I have nearly the same beliefs, the only difference is that I worship one less god than they do.

So what is it? What makes people disregard mounds and mounds and tons of evidence that proves their idea of god is wrong? Personally I think its fear. People are simply afraid that they cannot reconcile living a life without some divine purpose or afterlife. They’ve been programmed to believe that if there is no ultimate purpose to live for then life is meaningless. They just don’t get that the purpose of life is to make a purpose for living! We are here, we live, and then we are gone. That is all that we know. Make a better world, make a better food, hell, make a better mousetrap. The purpose can be something as simple as just living well!

Religion likes to make promises that it has no means or intent of keeping. What better ploy than to claim a payback AFTER you die! Something tragic happens – god is punishing sinners! Something good happens – it was by god’s divine grace! Fear is the central theme to any religion. So follow the rules, BELIEVE, HAVE FAITH, or live eternal torment in a burning pit with no chance at salvation. Enough of that kind of talk and its natural to see why anyone would be afraid and hesitant to give it up.

But this all works so long as people do not question and simply accept the faith. When people begin to question the stories, point out the flaws, refuse the illogical, and demand proof then religion quickly falls apart.

Many believers have a false idea that non believers have turned away from religion because of a bad experience, or simply because they are angry at god. But that is simply not true. It’s because we wanted to know more, but when we started to actually look at the evidence we found out that the bible is honestly better represented by the words “buy bull”. It’s actually saddening and scary to find out the truth at first. But its like the story of Oz. Once you see the man behind the curtain you just can’t fall for all the smoke and mirrors that is religion.

And THAT is why religion advocates ignorance.


February 25, 2007 - Posted by | Discussion, People, Religion, Scams


  1. I think that some people just don’t know how to enjoy themself any more. They become so accustomed to the routine of their life that they really don’t take much enjoyment out of it. They find themselves bogged down by responsibilities and obligations and just trying to keep up with their perception of the good life, they find that their life just really isn’t all that good. Through it all, the perservere through faith, faith that their god will repay them for all their discomfort, their unhappiness and their discontent with a magical afterlife.

    The really comical portion is that if these same people would read about their own religion more carefully, they would find that they would not be slated for everlasting life in the magical land of heaven, but be destined for the more unpopular place called hell.

    It is sad that people cannot take enjoyment out of their day. Learn to live life to the fullest and be a good person because you should, not from fear of punishment.

    Comment by Vernae | May 12, 2007 | Reply

  2. What I find so sad is that this ignorance is then used as a way to control people. The religious right and its influence on the US Government is a case in point.
    The church has a lot to gain by peoples’ ignorance, even more so when powerful members of that same church have a significant effect on the laws which cover citizens everyday lives.
    And I agree, it is not the case that most believers turn away from religion through a bad experience, most non-believers simply have the sense to ask questions.

    Comment by mirzania | August 18, 2007 | Reply

  3. I disagree with the TV commercials idea about faith.

    Faith is something that people exercise every day. Faith is believing in something in such a way that you act on it. For example, you might put faith in a bridge when you drive over it.

    We all have a choice what to put our faith in. I recommend putting faith in things that we have good reason to believe are reliable.

    I have put my faith in God for two reasons. And I do not refer to the blind or ignorant faith of the TV commercial.

    Reason 1) I believe that God is a reasonable belief. I believe that it is reasonable to believe the Bible is His Inspired and Authoritative Revelation to man. I believe that it is reasonable to believe in the real and historical event of Christ’s resurrection. I know you would probably disagree with those assertions, but I am only pointing out that I reasonably assessed those things and came to my own conclusions. There is nothing “blind” about it.

    Reason 2) The internal testimony and revelation of the Holy Spirit. I am not only speaking of “experience” here. Experience is not reliable (although it is a legitimate consideration in the midst of all available data). I am speaking of Internal Revelation. God inside of you telling you the truth. It is deeper than “voices.” It is more profound than “feeling.” I don’t expect you to agree. That is ok with me.

    Alrighty then, just a few thoughts here for you.


    Jon the Thinker

    Comment by Jon the Thinker | March 22, 2008 | Reply

  4. Hiya Jon

    Look, there is a HUGE difference between pure faith in God and faith in crossing a bridge. If I cross a bridge every day for my whole life with no incident then I have a reason for my faith. I have observation, experience, and result for my faith. God has no such support. In fact, in each and every occurrence in the bible that makes a testable claim it fails completely. This “bible bridge” collapses every time you walk over it.

    Jesus promises that the power of prayer will allow us anything, but look how much the world still suffers. The words are not metaphorical and are quite plain. Does this mean that no Christians out there feel that the end of child suffering, abuse, or death by natural events should be halted? It’s a simple fail.

    Read Genesis 30 about the speckled and spotted sheep. Using striped sticks to breed striped and speckled sheep? Right… fail.

    The major stories all fail from simple common sense thinking. The tower of Babel? Do you honestly thing bronze age people built a tower taller and bigger than what we do today? We’ve gone to the moon for goodness sakes! That’s gotta be higher than that tower was.

    The ark? It fails on so many levels that I wonder at someones mental development level to accept that.

    But in the end you just rely on your own person revelation(while simultaneously trying to deny a persons personal experience as a baseline). Everyone has emotional responses to different events in their life. You choose to put a supernatural twist on them, even in the face of so much contradicting evidence.

    As for you conviction of the resurrection of Christ, where is the proof outside the bible? Why do each of the authors of the new Testament expound and exaggerate the story with each retelling as time passes – much like today when people exaggerate stories as it is passed along. We have the recorded works of many historians of the time and yet not one of them makes any record of these supposed miracles going on.

    Why did the most important figure in human history not leave any writings? Why do no eye witnesses leave any written record?

    You believe because you choose to believe because you just don’t like the idea of not believing. Not because there is anything at all the supports the claim. And every single person of every single different faith operates under those same guidelines, yet YOU feel you worship the right god.

    You say you reasonably assessed to make a conclusion. I very much doubt you did any such thing. Everything you know of god comes from the bible and its simply proven to be a book of human origin that is anything but divine in nature. It is the foundation of any belief in god and if the book fails examination then the only way to believe in the god within it is through blind faith.

    Comment by mtdew | March 23, 2008 | Reply

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