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“Trump”ed Charges of Quitting

What’s with Trump and Apprentice anymore? The guy is really turning into a prick. This season has been filled with allot of lame humiliation stunts and when one of the players wises up and realizes that she’s not doing what she signed up for Trump goes on the assault and calls her a quitter as if she’s a loser or a failure.

Tents? Bullshit ‘exempts’ that is really a double elimination in disguise? Trump also puts the girl (I just can’t recall names – as much as I enjoy watching some reality shows the people in them just aren’t that important to me) on the spot by asking if she will be the team manager. He already knows the team picked on her while looking for a fall guy. What’s she going to do, say no? Of course when the team fails she catches the flack. She recognizes that the whole thing is not what she expected. Too hard? Unfair? Who cares. The point is that she recognized that this wasn’t for her so she opts to quit. But Trump can’t stand not saying “You’re fired” so goes on the attack.

Personally I felt that Michelle (finally asked the wife for her name) took the more dignifying route and quit. She admitted it wasn’t for her and wasn’t what she expected and stepped down. Of all those contestants only 1 is going to win. Shame on Trump for needing to put the screws to the max on everyone. Why should she be harassed for expecting something at least in better taste than tents. She was not Trump material, as could be seen when she couldn’t seem to make a decision.

After seeing other people treated unfairly in the past (season or so ago when one player was fired with a group during a sports store challenge to improve sales – he did his job but got fired because Trump had his panties in a bind) this one just tops the cake. I hope things improve as the season goes on else my own interest in it will force me to not bother.


January 23, 2007 - Posted by | Discussion, Entertainment, television

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