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Intelligent Design of the Evil Genius sort

One of the largest religious farces ever created is the whole “intelligent design” argument. This is the idea that when one stands back and simply examines their surroundings they will see patterns and intricate designs that could simply not have come about without some guiding intelligent. I won’t get into what I think on this whole subject other than to say its bunk, but I am thinking that perhaps there may be some intelligent design behind these flu bugs coming out anymore. Evil mad scientist type intelligent design!

The wife, the kids, and I have all been laid low this week by the flu. At first I thought we were going to just ride this puppy out like any other bug – drink lots of fluids, stay wrapped up, and drug yourself silly for a day or two till it passes. Boy was I wrong!

I’m not sure what the heck flu is floating around right now, but I can tell you it kicked the snot out of us! Not only were the symptoms severe, but they varied from person to person. My youngest had a nasty cough with a fever and nausea. The eldest had a huge sore throat with body aches and 103.4 fever. My wife was hit next and headaches, dizziness, bad nausea, and high fever. Finally I got nailed with Massive headaches, very sore throat with annoying runny nose, and a fever that peaked at 106.6 before I finally got it down.

This nasty bug fools ya too. Every day we each thought we’d finally got through the flu as we’d begin to feel better and then BAM it would hit again worse than ever out of the blue and put you down. We had planned on seeing “Disney on Ice” with tickets my brother got us for Christmas, but the wife and I both came down the night before the event and the tickets were non refundable. That really sucked that the kids missed that.

As I write this we are in our 5th day of the flu, thinking again that my ordeal is finally over. My fever broke and I feel better, but my nose is still running and I’m still a bit achey … will have to see. The girls seem to finally be sleeping soundly for the first time in days, but the wife is still in bad shape. A dry hacking cough with migraine headaches really sucks.

So if there is any Intelligent design out there, then this nasty little flu bug might be some proof of it because only a sadistic bastard would create something like this. And while “sadistic bastard” would be suitable in a description of the god of the bible, I don’t think he’s the one that made these nasty things.


January 13, 2007 - Posted by | Discussion

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