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Believers (‘Fundies’) do indeed say some of the darndest things

If you are ever in need of some hilarious reading then you must check out the “Fundies say the Darnedest Things” website to see what those crazy believers are saying. It truly is amazing at the depths of ignorance these people voluntarily take themselves. Most of what you read will have you rolling in your seat, while some of it will simply piss you off that such ideals and beliefs actually exist today. Or perhaps it may even make you sad that there are such people in this world?

Believers say many things that I find very ironic because they often describe themselves to a ‘T’ with their comments when describing or attacking others. It is utterly astounding to me when a believer says something like “Atheists are ignorant” or “Atheists have closed minds”. Faith, by definition, means a lack of evidence or knowledge, and relies on belief by sheer willpower. It is the epitome of ignorance! To claim an atheist (or agnostic or simple ‘non believer’) as having a closed mind is laughable considering that most non believers USED TO BE believers! They (‘non believers’) have already shown that they do have an open mind by coming to terms with their religious beliefs and rejecting them. It is the believer that often states “Nothing you say will get me to lose my faith” suggesting that discussion or debate with them is useless. Most ironic of all is when believers label themselves as “truth seeking”.

Truth is the last thing that any believer wants. They may claim that they seek truth, but what they really seek is confirmation of their beliefs. They are more than willing to accept any statement, fact, finding, bit of evidence, or idea that matches their beliefs, but will go to extreme lengths to reject anything that remotely challenges those beliefs. Science is, of course, one of the largest obstacles to religion. Many findings in science challenge the validity of all religions at some point. But to refute science believers simply try and paint rationalist as people who think they have all the answers and deny god (usually claiming it is because of a hatred of god) just out of spite. Enforced self ignorance is the believer tool of choice. They simply refuse to try to understand various explanations of science such as evolution, geology, biology, etc. It is simply easier for them to maintain a false representation of “evolution claims mankind came from apes” or “there are no transitional fossils!”. They hang onto these claims even after they’ve been shown, over and over, to be misunderstandings or misrepresented beliefs.

Science has never claimed to have all the answers. Science simply seeks answers, and more often than not when an answer to a question is found a host of other questions surrounding that answer are raised. Science is sometimes wrong as well, but even in its wrongness science learns and our understanding of our universe increases. An interesting saying I heard is “Science never makes mistakes, it only learns another way something DOES NOT work”. When someone discovers a mistake in science the entire system of science benifits from that. Our understandings change and the whole process of learning is stronger for it. Organized religion simply cannot do that. It’s power is drawn from the idea that ancient texts are the inspired works of (if not the direct word of) god. To accept that those works are not perfect or unflawed accepts that in the very least people’s understanding of what or who god is would be wrong – or in the worste case, is simply a fantasy made up by bronze age men frightened of their environment and trying to come up with answers with stories.

Anyway, give the site a look-over and see if you don’t chuckle at some statements, laugh out loud at some beliefs, and get upset at the level of ignorance and hatred that exists in the loving bosoms of religion.


January 9, 2007 - Posted by | Discussion, Religion

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