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Why religion is so dangerous

Here is an example of why I find religion to be one of the deadliest things that mankind has ever created. It is an article revealing how commonly understood science is suppressed and people simply accept it because no one wants to challenge religion, or is afraid to.

In this article you will discover that the Bush administration is responsible for suppressing knowledge in order to further a religious agenda by refusing to allow simple geological facts.

It is because common people accept these kinds of ideas without complaint that reveals the true insidiousness of religion. People accept the stories of Noah, Adam and Eve, or Jonah as true simply because they’ve been told its true and that its in the bible. And what validates the bible? The bible itself tells us its true of course! People simply accept what they are told, most since before they could even speak. We are a nation of indoctrinated zombies when it comes to religion. What is truly disturbing is that the bible, and religion in general, is so demonstrably false. It truly takes an effort to continue this belief system – an effort in which many people are happy to make to satisfy their delusions.

There is ample evidence that the bible is not only fallible, but blatantly altered by mankind in order to preach the message that it wants to preach. Prayer has been shown over and over to not work, there is virtually no evidence that Jesus even existed other than what you find in the bible, and many stories of the bible simply have no evidence to support them and more often than not there is evidence to refute them. But through this all people maintain that they feel something or that they just cannot believe that we do not have a god that created them.

The sad thing is that these “feelings” do not attribute any truth to the bible. It is through these feelings that people continue to maintain the lies that they’ve been told because its just what they’ve always believed. People truly hate to accept that something as important to them as religion is fake.

We are a country living in delusion. Here is a question to ponder – What would it take for me to prove to you god is fake and to disprove your faith? Consider this question for a moment. Then consider your answer. Nearly every-time I ask this question of a believer their answer is “Nothing can shake my faith”. That answer alone supports everything I’ve said here. Most believers cannot comprehend that their belief is wrong. And this is why the world is so screwed up. No one wants to admit that their idea of god is wrong.

Before anyone attempts to accuse me of arrogance and not accepting that I am wrong, allow me to point out that I have already admitted that I was wrong. That is why I no longer believe in any god as defined by any person on this planet. I examined the evidence, weighed the proof and found out that religion is simply man made. Today’s gods of men (Allah, Jehovah, god, the trinity, or whatever you want to call it) are all as false as the Roman, Greek, Hindu, Egyptian, Indian, Aztec, Chinese, or whatever cultural gods that have all fallen to the wayside over time. Each of today’s religions will turn a critical eye upon any other religion, however they simply refuse to examine their own.

It is very frustrating.


December 31, 2006 - Posted by | Discussion, Religion

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