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Self inflicted ignorance is another way to say “I have faith”

After almost 30 years of fighting everything life could throw at him (disease, injury, amputation, cancer, and more) my father in law finally ran out of steam and passed away Dec 27. Through it all he tried to keep a positive outlook on life and kept himself involved with his neighbors and neighborhood as much as he could. When we looked back upon his life and the various battles he had to fight, we could only stand in awe at the man’s power, strength, fortitude, courage, and tenacity in the face of all the crap he went through.

Then came the comments that made me want to start slapping people.

You see, he was in dire straights on Christmas day when many family members came to visit and he even managed to communicate to all of us that he was tired of the fight – that his ‘dogs’ where tired and he asked that we disconnect him from his oxygen and refused to take any further medication. My daughter was completely undone (she just turned 9) and Papaw, seeing her distress and sadness on Christmas, chose to make one last stand so that she would not be forced to always remember Christmas as the day he died. He requested his oxygen and medication back and then lasted another 2 days before finally succumbing.

One of his relations was then heard to say “It was a miracle that he lived through Christmas and managed a few more days to preserve that day for his granddaughter”. A miracle? Seems to me that there was no miracle. If there was any miracles to go around then the man would have avoided his cancer, or the car accident that cost him a leg, or the pneumonia that cost him a lung or the bone disease that cost him his mobility or the cancer that eventually cost him his life. It was his own strength of will and strength of character that gave my daughter 2 more days from Christmas, not some fictional deity. There was no miracle. As far as I’m concerned, these people just dishonored this man and the struggles that he fought by attributing them to a god that does not exist. And the god of the bible, Koran, or any other book doest not exist, ladies and gentlemen, of that you can be sure of. Perhaps one day I’ll pursue this more, but suffice it to say that this is knowledge that has ample proof behind it.

I’m often told by my wife to have patience with people and their beliefs, that they mean well and their beliefs give them comfort. I try and mind my manners and simply walk away or ignore the subject when it comes up however I do believe that religion is the single most evil thing that humanity has ever created. People of religion revel in their blindness and ignorance and spout dogmatic drivel that they do not even manage to closely live by. I find people of religion to be the most hypocritical people I have ever met. So sure in their ways that the only reason that they even allow themselves to listen to someone else who disagrees with them is to simply find some irrelevant point that they can us to continue their argument.

But now I’m ranting. I’ll explore my religion observations a bit more later. For now I simply wanted to vent a little frustration in seeing religions ugly head eagerly rearing itself at the unfortunate ending of a man’s life.


December 30, 2006 - Posted by | Discussion, Religion

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