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So I’ve decided to try my hand at blogging. But where do I start?

Do I jump right in like I’ve always been doing it? Should I introduce myself and give away all my secrets right off the top? Am I suppose to try and win everyone over by being clever (of course this begs the question “win over to what?”)? I’ve always had this problem with simply getting started on something. It’s that “where to start” problem that always gets me. Once I get going I’m usually OK – and this also applies to nearly anything I do – jobs, projects, yard work, cleaning, organizing, programming, etc. Once I’m into something I can usually find a rhythm, but that initial start period just kills me.

So I guess I’ll describe myself a tiny bit. Dad of 2 hitting the big 40 soon. I’m a bowler and golfer, tinker in game programming, and enjoy science fiction. I’ve done military service for 4 years and 2 weeks after I finished up with my honorable discharge Bush Sr. invaded Iraq (well, he announced we were going over, I’d not heard of anything up till that point or might have stayed in). I love to fish but hate to eat fish (the ole ‘catch and release’ mentality) – same passion for hunting – I shoot them and then leave them back to nature (that was a joke, I don’t hunt).

That should be enough for now. My intent is to point out my thoughts on various things, some from Internet sources, some from comments made in our local paper. Hopefully it will generate some interesting comments and discussion. Feel free to comment on my words, however I wont tolerate anyone being an ass. If you want to disagree with anything I might blog feel free, but simple name-calling and insults will just get deleted.


December 23, 2006 - Posted by | Discussion

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