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Why religion is so dangerous

Here is an example of why I find religion to be one of the deadliest things that mankind has ever created. It is an article revealing how commonly understood science is suppressed and people simply accept it because no one wants to challenge religion, or is afraid to.

In this article you will discover that the Bush administration is responsible for suppressing knowledge in order to further a religious agenda by refusing to allow simple geological facts. Continue reading


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Self inflicted ignorance is another way to say “I have faith”

After almost 30 years of fighting everything life could throw at him (disease, injury, amputation, cancer, and more) my father in law finally ran out of steam and passed away Dec 27. Through it all he tried to keep a positive outlook on life and kept himself involved with his neighbors and neighborhood as much as he could. When we looked back upon his life and the various battles he had to fight, we could only stand in awe at the man’s power, strength, fortitude, courage, and tenacity in the face of all the crap he went through.

Then came the comments that made me want to start slapping people. Continue reading

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Getting Started!

So I’ve decided to try my hand at blogging. But where do I start?

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